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For those who have experienced a death, the idea of preparing a funeral becomes so daunting often. We are here to help lighten the load and inform you of the real meaning for you and the family that a ceremony will bring.

Memorial Services’ Calming Ability

It’s never easy to deal with a tragedy, and resources are an integral part of the continuum of healing. A funeral service offers a welcoming atmosphere for people who are mourning, in which they may continue to find comfort, say farewell, and come to grips with the loss. Gathering with friends and family offers everyone the chance to interact, exchange experiences, provide words of sympathy, and develop a lifelong warmth and support network as they continue the road to recovery and peace. No matter the setting, theme, or path you chose, our talented staff are proud to help you develop a service that represents the special life experience of your loved one.

Burial Services in Villa Park

When planning a funeral, there are numerous elements you may chose from, based on your particular needs and preferences:

Immediate Burial implies that without a public event or meeting, the actual remains of the loved one would be preserved or entombed.

Visitation (also referred to as “viewing,” “wake” or “calling hours”) enables relatives and friends to visit with the deceased loved one in a space (in an open or closed casket) and offers everybody the chance to say farewell and offer the bereaved their comfort and condolences.


At a funeral home, in a church or even at your home, funeral or memorial services will take place. The funeral is a ritual for praising, preserving, and recalling the presence of the deceased. Both conventional or unique, it is possible to personalize both the visitation and the funeral service to represent the uniqueness of your loved one.


At the graveyard, Graveside, Church, or Committal Services are performed, which encourage relatives and friends to be present when their loved one is moved by land burial to his or her final disposition. 


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To all the families who have supported and put their trust in me over the last 40 years as a licensed funeral director/embalmer there are some exciting changes coming.

I will be moving from Bensenville to a bigger office at 1199 S, Arlington Heights Road in Elk Grove Village. My office will be situated in Grove Memorial Chapel, one of the many chapels to better serve and accommodate my families with their funeral concerns and needs.

I will also be able to conveniently meet you at your residence or one of the many funeral homes that I am associated with in the Northern Suburbs and Chicagoland areas.

I am available 24/7 by phone or if you would like to make an appointment please call Jim “Jimmy” Geils at J Geils Funeral Services NOT Geils Funeral Home at 630 247-6623 or email me at to discuss any of your questions. Please visit my website at

Thank you for your trust and continued support
James W. Geils