Honoring Life

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Honoring Life

Your loved one was unique, and they deserve to be honored in a way that represents them at their best. Honoring life with J. Geils Funeral Services​ means that you’ll have help throughout the entire process of designing a funeral, life celebration or memorial service that will truly honor your family member or friend.

There are countless ways to honor the life of your loved one, and many options to create a personalized, unique memorial service.

Let J. Geils Funeral Services Help You Celebrate a Life

A life celebration isn’t limited to the traditional arrangements of a Bensenville funeral. Unbound by social expectations, a life celebration meets the emotional expectations of guests, while providing a healthy atmosphere in which to share memories, laugh at the good times, and connect with friends and family in remembrance.

A life celebration is usually designed around things that were held close to the heart of the deceased; a favorite color, a treasured song, and where they felt most at home. Rather than being limited by a sit-down service, you can design your life celebration as an active memorial.

Let guests mingle over refreshments, look over comforting photos together, and allow them to remember their friend or family member in a meaningful way. For guidance through the arrangement process, we’re always available to ensure that every detail of your loved one’s celebration is perfect.

What Makes a Life Celebration Complete?

A life celebration, or memorial service, is similar to planning a funeral in the way that they are usually planned quickly and in a time of great difficulty for those actually doing the planning. However, many of these celebrations occur because of the funeral arrangements left by the deceased, meaning that family members and friends work together to overcome obstacles and make their final wishes come true.

Where Can a Life Celebration Be Held?

The life celebration can be held wherever feels most natural to friends and family. If your loved one thrived on traditions, a funeral home might be a more suitable location. However, a life celebration can be held in a family home, outdoors, or anywhere that friends and family feel comfortable paying their respects.

Families choose to host life celebrations instead of a funeral simply because they can be customized to best honor the life of their loved one. By partnering with us to create a celebration of life for yourself or your loved one, you can find peace knowing that your service will be unique.

Certified Celebrant

In our modern society, fewer people are choosing to hold traditional funeral services in a local church or religious establishment. Instead, more families are deciding to have a memorial service or a celebration of life, overseen by a certified celebrant.

A certified celebrant is a trained and certified professional who develops and completes meaningful personal ceremonies. These people can help organize unique activities or services for a family. Whether you’re holding a memorial service in your backyard or are planning a small gathering for a celebration of life at the beach, a certified celebrant can help you create the perfect ambiance for celebration and remembrance.

Tribute Videos to Showcase a Lifetime of Beauty and Joy

Life is filled with photos, videos, and graphics that capture our most amazing moments. From wedding photos to candid family snapshots throughout the years, we skillfully piece together your most precious memories to create a tribute video to a life well lived.

These videos allow friends and family to gather and reflect on the achievements of their loved one and to laugh at the good moments. This video can be released to the family to keep as a keepsake, along with copies as gifts for relatives and friends.

Honoring the Relationships Shared

At J. Geils Funeral Services, we’re dedicated to helping to find the perfect way to celebrate the relationships that your loved one shared, honoring their unique personality and experiences.

​From suggestions to enhance the memorial service to designing a tribute dedicated to what they loved, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Personalized Printing for a Life Long Tribute

Continue remembering the special moments in your loved one’s life even after their memorial service. We’re proud to offer a range of personalized memorial service programs, bookmarks, prayer cards, and folders which may include your loved one’s most treasured photos, poems, or prose.

Working with knowledgeable funeral home staff can help you honor the life of your loved one in a unique way. When you’re ready to discuss your options on honoring their life, call us!

Thank you Jim Geils

To all the families that have supported my father, Jim, throughout his 45 years as a funeral director, I hope you will continue to let me serve you moving forward.

Filling my father’s shoes, will not be an easy task and something I will forever strive for; however, he has given me the knowledge, guidance, experience and lasting relationships within the funeral industry that will hopefully make this transition possible.

He was my confidant, superior but mostly my biggest fan. I know he will be with me always, leading and guiding me to be the best funeral director I can be.

I will continue my father’s legacy as best and for as long as I can, with your love, help and support.

Monica Geils Conroy
Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer