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$1500: Lowest cost cremation in Chicago

The demand for low-cost direct cremation is dynamic in Chicago, and we’ve assembled this brief guide to plan a low-cost cremation in Chicago, IL to help families consider the cremation options available to them and the costs involved.

The cremation rate in Chicago was low in the last few years but the weak economic condition of recent years has resulted in a shift towards cremation as a lower-cost funeral option.

Why do you make money by planning a cremation?

Opting for a cremation service reduces the need for different costly funeral products. Embalming is not mandatory, nor is a casket, so if the cremated ashes are not interred in a plot or are scattered, cemetery fees may be removed entirely. But if the option to inter-incinerate remains in a cremation niche is made, this will work much better than complete funeral and graveyard expenses.

All in all, by opting instead for a cremation service, you can save at least 40-50 per cent of the expense of an typical conventional funeral. A funeral’s average cost (according to the 2012 National Funeral Directors Association is $7,045 and that does NOT include any cemetery costs.

So much does a cremation run in Chicago?

The estimated cost of a Chicago cremation is about $4,500. This is for a service that replaces the conventional burial which requires the full funeral home facilities to dress the deceased, administer a funeral ceremony which pick a mid-range cremation urn.

Boston Low-Cost Cremation

If you require a funeral on a budget, or simply want a no-fuss cremation arrangement, then a direct cremation is the least expensive cremation option. A direct cremation can be arranged in Chicago for just $1500.00. A direct cremation involves the funeral home or cremation collecting the deceased, sheltering him / her for the 48-hour waiting period required and then conducting the cremation.

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