COVID Funeral Protocols

Alternatives for Families
As a funeral director, you are dedicated to assisting families in paying meaningful tribute to their loved ones while also guaranteeing the safety of their family and friends. If federal, state, or municipal regulations limit the size of public meetings, you might provide the following alternatives:

Only invite intimate relatives and/or close friends to a private screening.

The funeral should be postponed and held at a later date. If you pick this option, talk about your alternatives for final disposition.

Hold a private viewing for immediate family and/or close friends, followed by a huge memorial ceremony for all family and friends.

Discuss the possibility of webcasting the funeral so that others may watch it from their own homes (see webcasting information below for additional information)

If a family is able to participate in a small service, please remind them of CDC recommendations, such as encouraging those who are ill or at risk (e.g., elderly, immune-compromised) to stay at home; and practicing healthy habits such as social distancing, hand hygiene, cough and sneeze covering, and so on.

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Thank you Jim Geils

To all the families that have supported my father, Jim, throughout his 45 years as a funeral director, I hope you will continue to let me serve you moving forward.

Filling my father’s shoes, will not be an easy task and something I will forever strive for; however, he has given me the knowledge, guidance, experience and lasting relationships within the funeral industry that will hopefully make this transition possible.

He was my confidant, superior but mostly my biggest fan. I know he will be with me always, leading and guiding me to be the best funeral director I can be.

I will continue my father’s legacy as best and for as long as I can, with your love, help and support.

Monica Geils Conroy
Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer